Our Beginning...

I was not always a big fan of dogs.  Actually hated them.  When my husband and I married, he had three dogs, shedding constantly, making messes in the house, and I had one dog, a small Lhasa Apso,  Non shedding, little dog.  I constantly complained about his three dogs.  Wanted them gone.  Until, one day.


Molly, a shepherd mix, drove me absolutely crazy.  I mean crazy.  She barked, dug the yard up, would get out of our fenced in yard, etc. so many things.  One day Molly took off out of the yard chasing a deer and was hit by a car.  We were devastated.  Oh god, we cried for weeks.  I believe I cried harder for her than I did when I lost a family member.  It was awful.  Still brings tears to my eyes. 


Mindy, our golden became depressed because Molly was gone so I started looking on Petfinder.com and came across this little pup who was going to be heartsticked (killed by sticking a needle in his heart)...  I reached out to the shelter in Ohio where he was located and a group of volunteers trying to save the dogs arranged a 'transport' to get this puppy to me here in NY. 


We named him Trey.  We were told that he was a lab mix, but of course he ended up being a pitbull mix.  We didn't care.  We loved him.  


After Trey, we started to pull a dog from the shelter that was going to be put to sleep and would bring him into our home.  We would get them altered and shots and find them good homes. 


This is how our rescue began. 

To Molly's memory, if it wasn't for her, we would not have saved thousands of dogs and cats.  To this dog that drove me crazy, made my blood boil, thank you because your the reason for what we are and what we continue to be.... Every Dog's Dream Rescue.


We miss you Molly. 

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