The Adoption Process...

Thinking of adding a new family member? Our adoption process is designed to place our dogs and cats with loving homes ensuring you and your new pet are a good fit!

Please Note -  In order to adopt an animal, you must be over 21. We do NOT adopt to college students.  A veterinarian reference required. You must be able to provide financial support for animal. You must reside within Broome or surrounding counties. For dogs, fencing is required within city limits, and on busy roads. (TBD by location) We do NOT adopt dogs to renters.

Complete an adoption application for a cat, dog or small animal to start the process.

We strive to complete the process for cats and small animals within 7 days. For dogs we require a home visit to be completed which increases the time for approval. Please make sure you contact your veterinarian and authorize speaking to an Every Dog's Dream representative. Questions about the adoption process can be emailed to

Adopt - Don't Shop

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