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I wanted to share my family with you. 

My daughter, Briana Jane.

My husband Rick and I, August 2002



Our new addition!


We lost our Little Teddy 1/16/09.  He would have been 17 on January 23rd.   We would call him Fast Freddy because he always tried to stay up with the big dogs, but always trailed behind.  Rest in peace little one; run fast, your in heaven now...

Meet Teddy, his owner is battling cancer, and was going to put Teddy to sleep because he was so old and could not find anyone to take him. Teddy is 16 years old, unneutered (a leg lifter) and has seizures...  He weighs around 6 pounds.  He wears a diaper in the house most of the time, but other than that, he is an awesome little man... we love him.



Sandy at the pound...

Sandy at home (2-3 years old)


Trey from Stark County Dog Pound, Ohio

Trey, all grown up! - 5 years old


Josey came from Columbiana Dog Pound in Ohio - (6 years old)

 Matthew (died of cancer around 13 years old)

Moe came from Stark County Dog Pound, Ohio -  He is around 6 years, GREAT dog!!!  He is our gentle giant.

Our Buttercup, aka, Pooh, Cuppies, Gerth....(12 years old) Celebrating the Christmas holiday, note the cold beer in the back ground, Oh Buttercup!


Max the rottie (12 years old) lived tied to a dog house for 8 years, Lady (5 years old), lived in an outside kennel for 3 years.  Both are GREAT dogs, Max is a great rottie and I would love to take in more just like him.


Meg is terrified of people and will never reallly change.  She is great with me, okay with the hubby.  A part of our family now;is round 2 1/2 years old.

Mindy (age 14) is the oldest in our home.  She goes with Rick every Saturday to do the dump run and gets her treats from the wonderful lady in the window.  She and her buddy here, Mister Kitty are always together.  Mister Kitty is a stray cat that we had neutered and we have tried several times to bring him into our home, but he never stayed.  He would be here one day and gone the next. 

Mister Kitty has passed over the Rainbow Bridge, We will miss you Mister.

Our Molly girl, died 2004 


Miss Sasha girl.... will be 11 in October!

A couple of very spoiled dogs!

And a few more spoiled dogs...


Introductions at the house:


Nap time! 

Thanksgiving at the Woerter Residence

Work in progress at home:



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