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Every Dogs Dream Rescue ...

.....what better way to spend the rest of your life than in the arms of a child.  Please meet Skye and her new dog, Abby. 




MANDEE, she is a great pup looking for a great home.  Here is what Mandee's foster mom had to say... Mandee has arrived! She has a beautiful golden colored coat which is very soft and thick. It hides the fact that she needs to put on some weight. She is the size of my 16 month old grandson so she was able to kiss his face while he hugged her as they met for the first time. She has the typical appetite of a dog who has come from a shelter so she proudly walked into the living room with a whole loaf of bread in her mouth and proceeded to lay down and try to open it. She had stolen it from the kitchen counter. It only takes a few days for them to realize that they are not going to be starving. Very calm, personable dog who follows me around the house constantly. She is doing great with housebreaking, but with every dog, there is a period of adjustment. She would be great in any household. Mandee is around 5 months old and up to date on her vaccinations.

Ahhh, the joys of puppyhood!!!  Big Wally (Wess) from the WAAL and his wife Karen adopted two great pups from our rescue.  Ruby (Lilly Mae) and Jett (Jethro).  They have their hands full at times, but they are a joy and everyday is a new experience..... 



Girls just wanna have fun.... this one has had just a little tooooo much!





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