Adoption Application



PLEASE EMAIL AUDREY WOERTER FOR A COPY OF THE APPLICATION @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Every Dogs Dream rescue would appreciate your taking the time to accurately fill out this application. Please realize that we ask this information to assist us in matching you with the right dog. We will review your application and call your veterinary to verify the information you have provided. Once we have completed that step, we would ask that you allow us into your home for a visit and bring the dog with us that you are inquiring about. This allows you the chance to see him/her before making your commitment.

Dog's name that you are inquiring about:

Your First Name:                                                                                   Your Last Name:


City: State: Zip Code:

Home Phone # (include area code):                                              Cell Phone if you have one:

How long have lived at this address?                                              Will you be moving soon?

If you move what will you do with the dog?

What year were you born?

E-mail Address:

Occupation:                                                                                          Spouse's Occupation:

Do you live in: (City House ,Country, Double/Townhouse, Mobile/Trailer, Suburban Single)

Do you Own your Home?

How many adults living in your home?        How many children living at home?        Ages of children:

Does anyone in your home have allergies?

Is this dog for: (Companion, Family Pet, My other pet's companion, Gift)

Where will the dog be kept during the day?                                        Where will the dog be kept during the Night?

Will the dog have the run of the house?                                             Number of hours the dog will be left alone:

How will you safeguard your new dog while you are away from home?

Who will care for your dog when you go on vacation or have an emergency?

Is your yard fenced adequately, if so what type of fence? (Picket, Chain, Stockade)

How tall is the fence?

If you do not have adequate fencing how will you exercise the dog?

Who will supervise these activities?

Have you ever lost a pet due to illness_____ , old age _______, accident  _________?

If yes to accident, please explain.

Please list your any animals you owned and how long did they live?

Have you ever had to give up a pet?

If yes, why ?

Please List Your Current Animals

Pets Owned:


Age :

How Long owned?

Are they a Male or Female?

Are They Neutered/Spayed?

Are they up to date on their annual vaccinations:

If your pet becomes lost or loose what would you do?

If your pet has or develops behavior issues (i.e - urinating in inappropriate places, chewing, clawing, excessive barking, etc...), how will you handle it?

What circumstances, in your opinion, justify getting rid of an animal?

If something life changing should happen to you making the pet an obstacle or inconvenience to you (i.e.- move, divorce, kids leave home, lose job, illness, etc), what would you do?

Are you aware of our policy that states you must contact us and return the dog to us if for any reason you cannot keep it?


For Your Application to be Considered, Please provide the following information:


Phone Number:

Acct Name

Are you willing to:

1. Provide annual veterinary exams, vaccinations and heartworm preventatives for your new dog:

2. Provide your new dog with monthly flea protection in areas where needed:

3. Use a crate?

4. Take time to work with a dog?

5. Have dog spayed/neutered if not already done?

6. Walk dog on a leash?

7. Go to obedience training?

8. Housebreak the dog?

It may take new dogs several weeks to adjust to a new family and a new home. Are you willing and prepared to allow this much time for him/her to adjust?

The above information is correct to the best of my knowledge which I hereby certify with my (our) signature(s)


Date _________________________________________________


Please return to:

Every Dogs Dream

Audrey Woerter

1270 State Highway 206

Greene, NY 13778


*** We reserve the right to refuse any applicant for any reason. Applications are not "first-come, first-served." Adoptions are based on the best home for each pet and the best pet for your household. ***