Adoption Contract

Every Dog’s Dream Rescue, Inc.

Adoption Contract


Name of Adopter(s) _________________________________________________________


Address ____________________________________________________________________


          City _____________________________________State_________ Zip ___________


Home phone________________________________ Cell ___________________________


E-mail _____________________________________________________________________





Dog’s Name _________________________        Adoption Fee        __________________


Breed _____________________________  Color/Markings_________________________


Sex _______________________________   Approximate age _______________________


Dog’s History if Known ______________________________________________________




This agreement is entered into on this day between Every Dog’s Dream Rescue and the Adopter of the above identified dog.


Terms and Conditions


1. The Adopter promises to CHERISH and nurture the dog. The Adopter promises to keep the dog as an in-home companion. The dog shall live in the house as a member of the family for the dog’s entire life.


2. The Adopter agrees to provide nutritious food, water, and exercise. The Adopter agrees to provide the dog with routine veterinary care, including flea or heartworm preventative as needed. If it should be necessary, the adopter agrees to provide immediate emergency medical care. *


3. When the Adopter is away for prolonged periods of time or on vacation, they will have prearranged for the proper care of the dog in their absence.


4. The Adopter agrees to keep the dog SAFE. The dog will NOT be allowed to roam freely. The dog will be safely confined outside in a secured fence, kept on a leash, or well supervised. The Adopter agrees to confine the dog inside the home when no one is at home.


We recommend keeping ID tags on your dog’s collar. If the dog is ever lost, or stolen, please notify us immediately, and we will help in any way possible.


Remember it is unsafe to leave a dog in a hot car.


5. The Adopter agrees that the dog will not be confined in a pen, crate, or tied out in the yard for extended periods of time. The Adopter agrees to only confine the dog for the amount of time appropriate for the dog’s age, breed, temperament, and weather conditions.


6. The Adopter agrees to NEVER use the dog as an attack or guard-trained dog. The Adopter will NEVER use the dog for fighting or commercial gaming. The Adopter will NEVER give, lease, or sell the dog to an experimental laboratory, medical facility or business.


7. The Adopter agrees that the above-designated dog will NEVER be given away or sold to another person, nor surrendered to a shelter, pound, or another rescue. If the Adopter at any point in the dog’s life has to relinquish custody of the dog for any reason they agree to contact Every Dog’s Dream Rescue or the dog’s foster who placed the dog with the Adopter.


8. The Adopter understands that Every Dog’s Dream cannot guarantee the health, temperament, behavior, or training of the dog they are adopting. Every Dog’s Dream Rescue is not to be held liable for any acts of the adopted dog while living with the adopter. However, we will always take back any dog we have placed for any reason at any time.


This dog is/is not subject to an Obedience Training Agreement. If yes, the Adopter agrees that the dog will attend obedience classes at their expense within six months.


9. It is the Adopter’s responsibility to obtain and keep a current dog license in their county of residence.


10. The Adopter understands that Every Dog’s Dream Rescue reserves the right to enforce this contract by inquiring about the dog or making unannounced visits to insure the terms of this agreement are being observed. If the terms and conditions are not being upheld, Every Dog’s Dream Rescue reserves the right to terminate this agreement and reclaim the dog. It is the Adopter’s responsibility to pay all court costs and attorney’s fees in case of a dispute.


My signature below signifies I have read and fully understand the terms and conditions of this adoption contract and that I have entered into this agreement freely and of good will. This is a legally binding contract.



Adopter’s signature_____________________________________________________


Printed Name__________________________________________________________


Every Dog’s Dream Representative _____________________________________


Printed Name _________________________________________________________






*Altering will be done by no later than__________________.  Proof of altering is to be sent to Every Dog’s Dream Rescue. 






Representative’s phone _________________________ e-mail_______________


Audrey Woerter/Every Dog’s Dream Rescue

Address: 1270 State Highway 206, Greene NY  13778

Phone: 607-242-2346    e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.