The Sanctuary...

Beyond our Adoption Center

Many people are not fully aware of what Every Dog's Dream does outside of the Adoption Center at Petco.

As they say, "out of sight, out of mind."


President and Founder of Every Dog's Dream Rescue, Inc., Audrey Woerter, runs more than just the Adoption Center. She tirelessly feeds, cleans and feeds some more, all the animals at the sanctuary. More important than the cleaning and feeding is the love given to these animals. Learning the personalities of each dog and cat is something that takes a special person... Audrey is that person, she is THEIR person.

Some of our Seniors...

There are many cats and dogs that cannot reside within the Adoption Center, either temporarily or permanently, for various reasons.

Sometimes they are seniors or have special needs and sometimes, ultimately, they are un-adoptable.


That's where our fearless pack leader comes in! Audrey houses these wonderful animals at the Sanctuary, giving them an amazing home while they heal...

For some of them, this is their furr-ever home, and as such, this Sanctuary is an actual home. These animals are given love and lots of attention in an actual sanctuary-type setting.

At any time there are up to 60 dogs and 50 cats within the Sanctuary.

Animals placed here have a high cost of care due to their age and health. We ask that you consider making a donation to their care.

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